Customer scoring with Camunda synchronous workflow

Within this demo we’re going to see once again how Dapr and Camunda Platform 8 works well together and provide language agnostic approach. In this case with focus on synchronous workflow processing which can be triggered by REST calls.

Workflow handles a request to score customer according to his/her history and current monthly income. Scoring result could be used later for pricing or similar.

Project with this demo is available on GitHub.


Another demo of Dapr and Zeebe (Camunda)

less than 1 minute read

After some time I went back to Dapr (v10) and Zeebe engine used in Camunda Platform 8. Updated projects to .NET 7 and tried again what I learned before and r...

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Greetings to Camunda, Zeebe and Dapr!

1 minute read

It’s awesome to see how Dapr and Camunda workflow engine work well together. By using BPMN and DMN we completely remove business logic from the code and only...

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Are your class constructors heavy?

3 minute read

One of OOP principles says, that every class should enter valid states only. The bigger class it is, the harder to do. Typically we use class constructors so...

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